Software Delivery Management
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Software Delivery Management helps you centrally manage, synchronise and personalise ATM software updates. Software Delivery Management also tracks and monitors all downloads and checks installation processes for successful delivery.

Included in this pack are the following modules:

  • Software Distribution
  • Media Management


Software Distribution

Software packages, such as security updates and new applications, are remotely distributed from the central server to the ATM either in single or batch updates.

The operator can do ad-hoc updates or choose the time they want to deliver the software package to the ATM and if needed, a different time can be selected for installing the package.

All software packages are compressed and encrypted before sending to the ATM. This helps to securely optimise delivery.

Any failed software delivery is detected, and the software is re-sent for a pre-defined period of time or the download is rescheduled.



Media Management

Media files such as promotional screens and videos can be distributed to either the entire ATM network, or targeted ATMs in a particular location, according to the bank’s requirements for the campaign.

The creation and distribution tasks of media files can be automatically separated. When users create the software package, a seasonal campaign for example, they can specify the expiry date for that package. The ATM will automatically roll-back to the previous version on expiry of the package.

Automatic image resolution ensures that media files match the ATM screen.


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