Detecting and prevention of enterprise fraud

Fractals from NCR is an intelligent, PA-DSS compliant fraud detection and prevention solution for issuers, acquirers, PSPs, ISOs and merchants. Whatever the nature of your business, you can use Fractals to protect your customers and your business with a single solution.


With Fractals you can protect transactions across any channel: from ATMs and POS devices, to online, mobile and tablet-based payments. It tackles any type of transactional fraud, giving you protection against established, developing and emerging fraud types. Fractals gives you multi-organization, multi-hierarchy, multi-channel, and multi-currency fraud prevention and detection. When integrated with your payment engine, it provides accurate, real-time, in-flight, blocking of fraud early in the payment cycle to stop fraud in its tracks, minimize losses, and give your customers a seamless experience



  • Gain quicker ROI as a result of a simplified implementation
  • Lower your Fraud Program Total Cost of Ownership–Efficient deployment and Integrations due to web-service capable solution suite
  • Minimize false positives to maintain strong customer relationships
  • Create tailored, granular and targeted risk management strategies and scores
  • Generate cost savings and economies of scale from a single, scalable, automated solution
  • Use your fraud analysts' time effectively to handle alert management, customer service, strategy development, trend analysis or business intelligence



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