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The rise of Logical attacks on ATMshave rapidly increased and pose a material risk. NCR approach to this attack vector is to recommend solutions and strategies that will mitigate the risk of any malware, ransomware or unauthorized files from being loaded or executed on the ATM. This requires a series of actions in order to align with NCR’s recommended strategy -- Defense in Depth.



  • Solidcore Suite for APTRA – market leading whitelisting solution optimized for ATM use NCR Secure Hard Disk Encryption – provides protection for the insertion on unauthorized files on the ATM hard disk drive
  • NCR Secure Remote BIOS update – allows for remote distribution of BIOS settings and password protection
  • Security for APTRA – ATMs configured and implemented with NCR’s Security for APTRA recommendations are locked down against the risks in today’s environment, whether from a criminal at the ATM or through a network based attacks


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