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NCR APTRA™ Activate is the world’s most advanced self-service ATM software application. Designed for complex multichannel banking enterprises, it is an open solution that offers true integration of the self-service channel with your current infrastructure while achieving unmatched levels of availability, security, and functionality.


This ATM software can differentiate your business by offering multichannel banking services from non-traditional sources such as external web servers. More banking institutions are using web servers to provide customers with non-cash services; for example, sports results, news updates, airline reservations and cinema tickets. For example, a consumer could see how his eBay™ bid is progressing, choose to receive a voucher for the Apple iStore, or get the details of a recommended read from printed on a receipt.


NCR APTRA Activate ensures that no customer information is ever traced. Trace lines will never, for example, show a full account number. And all information leaving the system is masked, so that journal entries or receipts will only show, for example, the last four digits of a customer’s card number


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