Symphony ASM (ATM Status Monitoring) is an ATM software application that helps banks manage devices & media status for all ATMs in their network. Symphony ASM uses window device management protocol to manage self-service status. Each device event failure (e.g. card reader, printer) triggers a message from the ATM to the Symphony ASM system. This event will then be put in a queue to track and trace until the event is completed and closed. If the event stays in unclosed mode over a certain period, the system will automatically escalate to higher management in the Symphony ASM system.


Symphony ASM is a server-based design, running independently (from a Switch system) to support multi-ATM connections and processes with multithreads, which helps to control and manage hundreds to thousands of ATM concurrently.



  • Provides the bank with an instant status of every ATM in the network
  • Helps proactive management of ATMs
  • Helps to effectively maintain a high level of ATM availability/uptime
  • Reduces problem resolution time
  • Reduces workload for helpdesks



Each user access to the system will be granted according to access permissions and his/her role to perform and access specified data and area. This allows users to manage specific ATMs, models, branches or regions. Events that are managed in the system will be assigned different priorities during processing. This process helps the bank’s ATM operational team to focus on high priority events, before attending to normal or low priority issues.


With the escalation configuration module, the operational team can setup to initiate escalation for different issues with different contacts, at different time out of issues. Escalation can be sent via email, SMS or phone.


Events can also be detected under certain patterns (frequency of occurrence that affects a group of ATMs), which will immediately help the service team to identify the root problem and rectify.


With the implementation of Symphony ASM, banks will have the assurance that all their ATMs are being effectively managed.



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