NCR SelfServ 8
NCR Financial Kiosks are a range of self-service banking kiosks that give consumers choice and flexibility to carry out their transactions at a more convenient channel. Both flexible and compact, NCR Financial Kiosks provide a complementary banking channel in branches or off-premise locations.


The NCR SelfServ 8 offer consumers the convenience of bypassing teller lines and quickly completing typical branch transactions, such as account opening, account maintenance, appointment booking and check-in and financial product research and purchase. By migrating routine transactions to the self-service banking kiosk channel, tellers can dedicate more time to customer service, facilitating high-value product purchases and cross-sales.


With the ability to offer customers new transactions like stored value card top-up or bill pay, opportunities for revenue generation increase. Designed with banks and their customers in mind the NCR Financial Kiosks are built on the XFS platform allowing banks to extend software from a number of channels onto the banking kiosk, leveraging the investment in current channels as well as providing a familiar interface to consumers


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