VIDEO Interview: MD of Financial Services at NCR, Craig Jennings, talks trends, impacts and more

How is NCR helping to create connected experiences in the financial world, and helping to positively disrupt the way things have been done for decades?


When it comes to technological progress, we've all seen how quickly things have changed in the last couple of decades, let alone the last few years.


Self-checkouts at supermarkets are commonplace, with those self-checkouts a form of ATM or automated teller machine on steroids. Payment by credit or debit card through an app on your phone has never been more popular or possible in 2018.


Indeed, payments by WeChat or AliPay in China has become the standard so quickly that even buskers and beggars have a QR code that can receive payments or donations.


So, with NCR a player in the payments space for more than 100+ years, having invented the electronic cash register, the magnetic credit card strip and, an incredible 20 years ago, the first self-checkout machines, what did its managing director of Financial Services, Craig Jennings, have to say at the ATM Industry Association conference earlier this year, and in a separate iTWire interview?


Well, at the ATMIA conference, Jennings gave a speech on the first day on "creating connected experiences in the financial world", taking about "global trends and technology impacts, how the consumer experiences have changed, mobile app banking and digital and physical convergence".


That speech can be seen below. Apologies for the slightly out-of-focus video, it is as supplied, but the presentation is nevertheless totally watchable.


After the presentation, you can see my video interview with Jennings, so please read and watch on!


Here's my video interview with Jennings, after which is a summary of the questions, as well as an infographic on NCR.


I started by introducing Jennings to the program.


We spoke about NCR's history and where the company is today. I then asked Jennings to tell us about his speech at the ATMIA conference, which you can see above in full.


We talked about the self-checkout machines at supermarkets that NCR pioneered, and the moved onto the ways that bank branches were re-inventing themselves with NCR's help.


We spoke about online and digital payments, QR Codes, the future, great advice, and Jennings' final message to viewers and readers.


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