Oman Arab Bank to Defend its Customers Against Malware and Skimming Attacks with NCR Security Solutions

NCR Solidcore Suite for APTRA and Anti-Skimming SPS technology will help proactively counter fraud and secure the banking channels from potential points of compromise to deliver trusted and secure banking interface


MUSCAT, Oman, October 03, 2015 – NCR Corporation, (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today announced that Oman Arab Bank – one of Oman’s leading banks – has selected NCR Solidcore Suite for APTRA and NCR Skimming Protection Solution (SPS) technology to secure its ATM channel and enable the bank to offer a trusted and secure banking environment to increase customer loyalty and experience.


NCR Solidcore Suite for APTRA is the most comprehensive ATM whitelisting software, which proactively protects ATMs from insider attacks by preventing the introduction of unauthorized code on the network and maintaining its integrity and availability.


“OAB aims to be a trusted and responsible retail bank in Oman by enhancing its customer experiences across its branch and digital banking channels to offer next generation of customer interaction technologies,” said Fahd Amjad, GM Retail Banking at OAB. “We are committed to lead and revolutionize our physical and digital banking services in the country to provide our customers with innovative, convenient and secure digital banking services. By investing in NCR’s latest and innovative security technology, we are taking a right step in this direction.”


NCR built SPS software to enable its random, multiple-jamming hardware module to block criminal “listening” devices from capturing card data. This means that even the smallest skimming devices won’t be able to capture card data. NCR SPS technology will not only thwart skimming activities but will notify Oman Arab Bank of an attack in real time. The new technology also prohibits criminals from tampering or removing the original ATM bezel and helps promptly detect fraudulent devices.


“NCR has a long standing association with Oman Arab Bank on its journey to offer the most innovative and secure digital banking platform to enahnce customer experience. We are excited to further this relationship with the bank to help build a trusted and secure banking environment that will increase customer loyalty, improve operational efficiency and deliver exceptional interactions,” said Habib Hanna, managing director NCR for South Gulf and Pakistan.


“Our extensive suite of security solutions will ensure OAB customers to complete their transactions in a convenient and secure way,” said Osama Awad, country manager, NCR Corporation in Oman.


OAB has recently been the first bank in Oman to deploy NCR APTRA™ Activate software to deliver next generation omni-channel banking experience.



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