NCR Digital Banking Transforms Customer Experience for SAFE Credit Union

ATLANTA – Jun 01, 2019 – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a technology leader for the financial industry, is implementing its Promotion Suite Premium tool to help create a better, more targeted digital member experience for SAFE Credit Union, a $3 billion financial institution in Sacramento, Calif.


The Promotion Suite Premium tool utilizes real-time geofencing information – based on a person’s location and individual needs – creating a tailored online and digital experience with a human touch for SAFE members.


By personalizing the banking experience with NCR’s innovative tools, SAFE is able to continue building brand loyalty while deepening customer relationships and improving members’ financial well-being.


  • SAFE promoted a cash back rewards program with push notifications, yielding a 30% conversion rate, increased engagement, and higher card spend.
  • Members were excited recently to receive a location-based in-app message from SAFE, highlighting a giveaway when they arrived at a local sporting event.
  • SAFE saw an 88% drop in abandoned calls within minutes of sending an alert message to impacted customers of a debit card issue which kept them updated until the issue was resolved.


Additional information on SAFE and NCR’s collaboration can be found in a recent case study.


“Our early work with NCR’s Promotion Suite Premium features allowed our digital banking experience to meet and exceed what big banks offer today,” said Rayna Salas, digital banking manager, SAFE Credit Union. “Credit unions are renowned for loyal customers, but we need to constantly reward that loyalty by upping the customer experience on all of their screens.”


“With a superior digital customer experience and a focus on meeting the needs of consumers, we are enabling SAFE Credit Union to compete and win against larger financial institutions,” said Douglas Brown, senior vice president and GM, NCR Digital Banking. “That’s our mission for our credit union and bank clients.”


NCR’s new Promotion Suite Premium capability combines push notifications, geofencing, beacons, campaign management, app messaging and secure chat in an integrated digital experience. NCR’s customers are now empowered with a powerful communication mechanism for customer service and personalized marketing.


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