NCR debuts mobile-ready, video-enabled 80 Series ATM family
March 07, 2017

NCR Corp. has unveiled its new NCR SelfServ 80 Series, a family of ATM solutions the company said will help financial institutions redefine the customer's banking experience.


Features of the mobile-ready ATM solution include a 19-inch multi-touch display with tablet-style interactions, including swipe, pinch and zoom capability, according to a press release.


Built-in video banking enables financial institutions to offer help from a live teller right at the ATM. NCR is the only company that can offer video banking fully integrated in one ATM platform, the release said. The company's research shows 80 percent of the transactions typically completed inside a physical branch can be completed through a live video teller at an ATM.


"Financial institutions need to be ready to offer the experience digital natives demand as they come of age and require more financial services," said Jose Resendiz, vice president of financial services at NCR, in the release. "This launch fundamentally transforms the ATM to be perfectly aligned with how consumers want to bank and gives financial institutions a new way to realize omnichannel transformational strategies."


The modern design comes with fully customizable, color-coded media entry and exit indicators. Additionally, a 10-cassette cash dispense capability lowers cash replenishment costs. Paired with the NCR CxBanking software suite, the SelfServ 80 series provides access across physical and digital banking channels, the company said.


"The power of digital banking is that it empowers customers to be self-directed and choose the level of interaction they want," said Mark Schwanhausser, director of omnichannel financial services at Javelin Strategy & Research, in the release. "But banking is a relationship business, and bankers want to stand ready to provide one-to-one interactions at moments that are the most relevant, useful, and actionable. ATMs with video tellers and enhanced capabilities can play a critical role in digital-first customer service by providing the combination of convenience and immediate assistance. It's a way to restore a human face to an increasingly digital-banking relationship."


The SelfServ 80 Series was recognized as an International Design Excellence Awards 2016 finalist, and the company said several of the largest banks in the world, along with many community banks, have signed on for initial delivery contracts, with thousands of units installed to date.


"Customers appreciate the new platform, which is beautiful on the outside and full of powerful engineering on the inside," said Joao Perez, senior vice president of NCR financial services sales, in the release. "Many more continue to sign up as they look to deploy a future-proof solution that is ready to converge the physical and digital channels in a mobile-first world."


The SelfServ 80 Series is available now in select markets, including the United States and Canada. Global availability will follow in 2017 and 2018, the release said.


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