NCR Solution Workshop organized in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

NCR, FSS and Microtec had organized the NCR Solution Workshop in Sunway Phnom Penh Hotel, Cambodia. The Workshop had been held in 19th November 2014 with the representative of 20 banks and financial organizations.


NCR has been the word leading ATM Products and Solutions provider for more than 20 years and been presented in Cambodia since 2004. In this Workshop, NCR wanted to update their valuable customers that they are not only focusing on ATM machine, but also on the latest solution, which can greatly assist the customers in ATM and Card operations. With the present of NCR professionals as Vasu Merugu, Yustinus Qiu in following fields:

  • APTRA Vision helps the customer to monitor ATM and to manage the incident, KPIs with great GUI and geographic data
  • APTRA Cash Management helps the customer easily to forecast and to manage the cash flow in their cash-point such as ATM, branch …
  • APTRA Connection helps the bank to expand and to simplify the implementation of advanced services on ATM, Kiosk networks
  • Authentic is used for consumer payment services hubs, payment gateways and conventional card-related switching, authorization and device-driving applications


“The workshop had been held successfully. We are very happy and want to say thank you to all customers as they were engaged and appreciative of our solutions. We look forward to organizing the other workshop in Cambodia in the near future” said Mr. Yustinus Qiu, SEA Channel Manager



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