Transaction Management


Transaction Management is a unique and versatile "all-in-one" pack that includes Electronic Journal (EJ) Retrieval and Transaction Investigation Console with the option of Camera Image Retrieval. Fast, real-time automation of time-consuming manual processes results in efficient and reliable insight into transactions to support customer enquiries, fraud investigations and audits.


Features and Benefits


Operational efficiency and cost savings

  • Centralised "one look" dashboard view of EJ data and camera images
  • Automated information retrieval replaces the need for time-consuming manual processes
  • Authorised access to EJ data and camera images according to needs or privileges. For example by head office or branch; by region, zone or city


Optimal customer service

  • Automated EJ data and camera image retrieval results in fast and reliable resolution of customer enquiries


Fast and reliable data and image upload

  • Data compression, packaging and transfer tailored for each individual network


Security and Compliance

  • Data Encryption Standard (DES) encrypts EJ data and camera images
  • Message Authentication Code (MAC) protects data integrity
  • Automatic masking of card numbers supports PCI-DSS compliance requirements


Transaction Management pack includes the following modules


Electronic Journal (EJ) Retrieval

  • EJ data is uploaded to the central server, either streamed in real-time or scheduled at regular intervals, according to the bank's requirements
  • The EJ data is then scanned automatically, split into transaction fields and converted into an easy-to-read format and securely stored so that it can be located quickly and easily with a user-friendly search facility
  • EJ data is a very intelligent source of information on its own, but EJ data combined with camera images taken during the transaction provides a valuable record of ATM transactions
  • EJ Retrieval supports all types of network ranging from low to high bandwidth. TMS's unique data transfer protocol tailors how the data is compressed, packaged and transferred to ensure maximum speed and efficiency for each individual ATM network bandwidth. It also tracks and monitors all transmission processes to ensure successful completion of the EJ data upload


Camera Image Retrieval

  • Camera Image Retrieval supports up to four cameras on one ATM (including fascia and cash slot) and links up to twenty ATM camera pictures per transaction to the EJ transaction data for fast and accurate resolution of customer enquiries, fraud investigations and audits. Each camera image is embedded within the transaction information, with transaction ID, date and transaction step
  • Camera Image Retrieval can also instantly and remotely send a command to take a photograph at the ATM and upload it to the central server for analysis and investigation.


Cash Reconciliation

  • The Transaction investigation console presents the EJ data, together with embedded camera images if required, in a very user-friendly, readable format. There is an easy-to-use search facility using any transaction information such as Customer Name, Card Number (which is securely masked) and ATM ID. This helps the bank to reduce the time and resources needed to provide fast customer service.



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